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Moving toward industrial-style development requires a team that can think and operate in a new way. When people are coming from various backgrounds and have diferent ideas about how things shall be done it takes months of storming to
get to a common ground. With our training, you can shorten the storming and forming down to a few days and jump into performing almost immediately.
We can teach your team the same theoretical concepts to put them on the same page. Then we provide hands-on labs where they will learn to apply those concepts and do their work while collaborating with other roles on the team in a new environment and utilizing a new set of technologies.
The training program is customized to your needs and brings the best value in the shortest time possible.

The training program can include any of the following modules and can be customized to fit your needs


Development trainings

Intro to microservices
Intro to microfrontends
Architectural patterns and practices
Implementation patterns and practices
Testing patterns and practices

DevOps trainings

Intro to DevOps
Delivery patterns and practices
Intro to Docker
Intro to Kubernetes
Intro to Serverless


Developing microservices
Developing microfrontends
Dockerizing microservices
Provisioning environments
Packaging and deploying applications

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