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with our state of the art technologies

Creating a platform suitable for industrial software development from scratch takes man-years of effort and very deep and broad expertise. But you don't get to reinvent all the wheels by yourself. You can get the most important pieces of technology for free or a symbolic price.
Save tons of time and money by adopting our cross-language and cross-platform microservices toolkit, reduce code with our reusable production-ready microservices that provide general-purpose functions, speed up development and share best practices with our broad selection of templates for devops automations, microservices and microfrontends.

Cross-language and cross-platform microservice toolkit

Build production-ready microservices in .NET, Node.js, Golang, Python, Dart,Java and deploy them as Processes, Docker containers or Serverless functions on AWS, Azure, Google or On-prem.

Library of reusable microservices

Cut your development time by reusing of-the-shelf microservices in several categories: Infrastructure, User-management, Content-management, Product support, Integration, eCommerce, and Internet of Things.

We've developed a comprehensive
collection of reusable templates


DevOps templates

Create a fully automated delivery platform in days by using templates for scripted environments, automated CI/CD pipelines and application deployments.
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Microservice templates

Boost development productivity, ensure consistency, and promote best practices by leveraging templates for data, business processes, and boundary microservices written in.NET, Java, Go, Node.js, Dart and Python.
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Microfrontend templates

Quickly build and incrementally update complex web applications composed of independently developed microfrontends. Mix technologies like Angular, React or Vue.js in a single application when needed.
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Andrew Harrington

Senior Software Engineer
Using pip services has resulted in a consistent and easily maintainable structure for all our microservices. It's comprehensive and flexible, allowing us to focus more on business problems and less on mechanics. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it.