Our Process


Over the years helping companies transition
to the new development paradigm, we’ve
designed a simple 5 step process to make
the transformation as smooth as possible

If you‘d like, we can do a preliminary assessment free of charge.

Let's spend an hour looking at your current challenges and goals, and  we’ll give you a few useful insights on how to move forward.

Initial Assessment

Before we embark on our journey, we need to be crystal clear on your goals and your reasons to transform.

Later on, when facing some difficult decisions, that vision will shine like a guiding star and give the strength to stay on the path. We’ll meet with your team to clarify technical goals, understand business drivers and assess the current situation.

After establishing a solid understanding of your unique situation we will create a detailed strategy to close the gaps, build the bridges, and to transition to the brave new world, while preserving golden nuggets your organization already has.

By the end of this step you’ll receive:

Initial Assessment report
A  suggested plan to move forward

Architecture and Roadmap

At this step we visualize the future state of your system architecture decomposed into microservices, microfrontends and other software components.

Additionally, we will design a DevOps architecture that will facilitate efficient development and maintenance of the system. For legacy systems, we will prepare an architectural roadmap outlining incremental steps  to transition to the new architecture without causing big disruptions for the business operations.

After this step:

You’ll have a clear vision of a target architecture of your system and a plan
to move forward.

By the end of this step you’ll get:

Target Solution Architecture,
DevOps Architecture
Architectural roadmap.

By the end of this step you’ll get:

Modernized development infrastructure
Fully scripted development and production environments
Automated CI/CD pipelines

Delivery Automation

Before starting to write code, it is necessary to have an automated infrastructure that can take a software component, build it, test it
and then deploy it into a working system.

We are going to review and modernize your development infrastructure
with version control and binary repositories, and build servers. Then we’ll automate production, stage and QA environments. And, finally, we’ll set up initial CI/CD pipelines to deliver components from development to production through a series of quality gates.

After this step:

You’ll have an DevOps infrastructure to incrementally deliver software components into production in hours (or days), while maintaining a high quality bar.

Development Practices

The next step is to set guidelines for development teams and to make sure they understand and are able to follow through. Based on your unique requirements and adopted technology stacks our experts will build a set of development patterns and templates for microservices and CI/CD pipelines.

Then we will provide training for your development team, for them to grasp the concepts, use the patterns and work together to achieve desired results the most efficient way.

After this step:

Your internal team and contractors will be fully equipped with skills and guidelines to develop quality software in a consistent and productive manner

By the end of this step you’ll get:

Microservices patterns and templates
Comprehensive training for System Architects, Developers, Testers and DevOps engineers.

By the end of this step you’ll get:

A working vertical slice of your new  system
Knowledge transferred to your team
Coaching and mentoring of your team
Transitioning to our ongoing support

Transition Assistance

When all preliminary steps are done and all the pieces are in place,
our team will develop a vertical slice of your new system.

This will be a fully working example of some important functionality, accomplished using the new development method, to verify and demonstrate the new approach.

During this stage your technical teams will be gradually introduced into
the development and take ownership of the code. We’ll monitor your development process and assist your teams for a few months until they
are confident to move on their own.

After this step:

Your team will gain necessary experience and confidence to deliver software using new development methods without external help.

Technologies we work with


Our team has experience in many languages, platforms and technologies that enterprise software teams use today


AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud

Programming languages:

.NET, Node.js, Java, Python, Go, Dart


SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Couchbase, DocumentDB


Docker, Kubernetes, Service Fabric, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions


React.js, Angular, Flutter


Android, iOS, Xamarin, Flutter

Technology is never still, and there is something new emerging every day.

We are quick learners, and if we don’t use some technology today, it has never stopped us from being an expert tomorrow.

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