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Over the years, we’ve developed  a comprehensive collection of reusable patterns, templates and toolkits

Library of Reusable Microservices

Cut a significant chunk of your work by using pre-made high-quality microservices. The Pip.Services Library contains over 50 microservices for User and Content Management, Infrastructure, and Product Support. Each microservice comes with SDK for several languages and can be configured for multiple target platforms.
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Polyglot Microservices Toolkit

Simplify development of microservices in .NET, Node.js, Java, Python and Go.
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Enterprise Web UI Platform

Speed up development of complex enterprise web applications based on Angular and Angular-Material. Ensure consistent User Experience.
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Development and DevOps Templates

Fast track your development efforts, introduce consistency and best practices with templates for microservices, microapplications, scripted environments and automated CI/CD pipelines
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Document Templates

Easily produce documents on Business Modeling, User Experience, Software Requirements, and Architecture
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