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When it comes to software there are no “silver bullets” or “one size fits all” solutions. Every organization has its own set of challenges, unique culture, and historical baggage that has to be cleaned up or moved forward. Dealing with them on your own means that you’ll have to spend time and make costly mistakes.
Our experts have been there many times and got a pretty good idea of what and how can be done. They got unique knowledge and skills to quickly pinpoint problem areas and identify a set of improvement initiatives that will bring you from zero to hero.
We are skilled in all kinds of languages, deployment platforms, technologies, and methodologies.
We also bring with us a ton of prebuilt solutions that can quickly be customized and fill the gaps, saving you lots of time and money.

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Technical Strategy

Everything starts with a vision. When you attempt the transformation, you shall be very clear about what and why you are trying to achieve. Thus, technical strategy gets to be grounded in the business vision and company realities.

Organization Structure

To start delivering software in an industrial manner you get to organize yourself like on the factory floor. And Conway’s law proves over and over again that you can produce architectures, which are copies of your organization’s structure.

Product and Project Management

Even if you are technically able to deliver products incrementally, it doesn't mean it's going to happen, until you plan to deliver those features and make your customers pay for them. The way the projects are planned and managed also has an impact on how things are going to be done.


To be delivered incrementally, the products get to be architected a certain way to allow easy evolution, when components are changed one at a time without creating a wave of changes through the entire codebase. And if you have existing products, a roadmap is the key to move toward the new architecture in a steady incremental fashion without big upfront.


Microservices architectures are great because they have high repeatability. But templating standard components and implementing all key patterns can raise development productivity and implementation consistency to new heights.


Automating testing is extremely important to ship software fast with high quality. But it also shall cover all functional and non-functional areas and be organized in well-defined quality gates to give results that can be relied on.

Delivery and Operations

To operate like a factory, all delivery processes shall be automated and integrated to work as an assembly line. Operating products also shall not require constant manual support.

We can take you toward industrial software development in 5 steps:


STEP 1. Initial Assessment

Clarify technical goals, understand business drivers, assess the current situation, identify gaps and opportunities and prepare a prioritized list of improvement initiatives.

STEP 2. Architecture and Roadmap

Design the target system architecture, deliver infrastructure, and roadmap the transition of the system to a modern microservices architecture.

STEP 3. Delivery Automation

Set up new development infrastructure, script stage and production environments and automate CI/CD pipelines.

STEP 4. Development Practices

Build a custom set of development patterns and templates. Train and coach your development teams to deliver software in the new paradigm.

STEP 5. Transition Assistance

Develop a working vertical slice of your system. Transfer ownership to your teams and mentor them over a few months until the transition is complete.

Meet our experts

Sergey SeroukhovSergey Seroukhov

Sergey Seroukhov

Founder and Principal Consultant
Project and Product Management, UX, Architecture, Microservices, Microfrontends, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, DevOps, Test Automation
.NET, Java, Node.js, Golang, Python, Dart, Powershell, AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, Service Fabric
Michal SteynMichal Steyn

Michal Steyn

Principal Consultant
Project Management, Architecture, Microservices, Microfrontends, DevOps, Mobile
.NET, C/C++, WPF, Xamarin, Angular, React, Azure, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, Service Fabric
Alex MazurAlex Mazur

Alex Mazur

Lead Consultant
Project Management, Architecture, Microservices, DevOps, Test Automation
.NET, Golang, Java, Powershell, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, Service Fabric

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