Create a modern
Software Factory

Produce software 2x times faster and cheaper

The industrial era of software development has arrived! Microservices and DevOps are just like the replaceable parts and assembly lines that caused the industrial revolution.
Combine them with modern development methods, and you can turn your development organization into a software factory that will mass-produce high-quality innovative products in a fraction of your pre-industrial times and costs.

We are here to help in your
transformation journey


Get a clear picture

Learn the details of the transformation process, that touch all areas of software development, including Technical Strategy, Organizational Structure, Software Architecture, Project Management Implementation, and Testing, and Delivery.
Receive expert advice from our highly experienced coaches.

Create a solid foundation

Kick start microservice development with a unique cross-language and cross-platform toolkit with a large collection of building blocks.
Reduce codebase by adopting free general-purpose microservices.
Boost development productivity by using a large collection of templates to automate DevOps infrastructure and develop microservices and microfrontends.

Solve technical challenges

Get help from highly experienced experts to address the challenges that your organization face, perform gap analysis, and create a clear plan that will take you from zero to hero in the shortest time and with minimal risks.
Save time and money by getting a customized technological platform that meets your unique needs.
Start development by training your technical team and leading them through the new development process until they are ready to do it on their own.

Mass-produce software

Speed up Time-to-Market by hiring our team to automate DevOps infrastructure and develop individual components or whole systems.
Minimize risks by working with some of the best experts in the industry.
Save more by leveraging our large collection of prefabricated solutions.

Many of our clients
transformed and won big time!


Suhas Rao

Development Director
The team at EIC spends the time and effort to understand what the real problem is so that they can formulate a solution based on their well-established process. Thanks to EIC, we increased our velocity by as much as 30 percent.

Vadim Parfenov

Chief Technology Officer
MST Global
EIC played an essential role that helped us move forward with our development project. The efficiency of EIC’s team was excellent, and their experts was extremely knowledgeable and professional. It was easy to tell that they were committed to producing high-quality work.

Justin Curry

Sr. Director
The EIC development team has been one of the best teams I’ve worked with in my 30+ years in the IT industry. I can’t be more pleased with the quality of the work, as well as, the turnaround time for development requests. The team has a depth of knowledge to help navigate new architectural solutions and has been a cornerstone in launching our software products to our clients on time and in budget. A very professional, get-it-done company to partner with.”

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