Transition to Microservices
and DevOps in 6 month

We help IT leaders raise software development to the new level without disruption or pain

Enterprise software systems should be flexible, robust and attractive


What is Microservices

An architectural style that structures a system  as a collection of services that are highly maintainable, testable and independently deployable

What is DevOps

New software development techniques dramatically decrease build time, while providing unprecedented flexibility, quality, scalability and maintainability

Why is it the right choice

Introduction of Microservices and DevOps allows companies to increase software development productivity 2-4 times, while decreasing costs and risks!

We can help you adopt DevOps and Microservices in 5 steps:


Most companies fully transition to the new paradigm in 6-12 months

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STEP 1. Initial Assessment

Clarify technical goals, understand business drivers
and assess the current situation

STEP 2. Architecture and Roadmap

Design the  target system architecture, delivery infrastructure, and roadmap for legacy system transformation

STEP 3. Delivery Automation

Set up new development infrastructure, script stage and production environments and automate CI/CD pipelines

STEP 4. Development Practices

Build a custom set of development patterns and templates.
Train and coach your development teams to deliver software
in the new paradigm

STEP 5. Transition Assistance

Develop a working vertical slice of your system. Transfer ownership to your teams

We guarantee what we do

If you are not 100% satisfied, at any point
of our journey, we will return your money back

Why companies choose
to work with us


Focus on enterprise software

Most of our client are mid to large size companies developing complex business systems

Cross-language development

For various development tasks we use different languages:.NET, Java, Golang, Python, Node.js, Dart

Cross-platform deployment

Cross-platform deployment
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud,

We are universal

We cover the whole development life-cycle and we can help connect the dots in the entire organization.

We are fast

We’ve developed an effective transformation process and a collection of reusable patterns, which speeds up transition 3-4 times

We know how

We have broad experience transferring enterprise clients to the new development paradigm

Yes, I’d like to work with you on my transformation!

Technologies we work with


Technology is never still, and there is something new emerging every day.

We are quick learners, and if we don’t use some technology today, it has never stopped us from being an expert tomorrow.

Our team has experience in many languages, platforms and technologies that enterprise software teams use today


AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud

Programming languages:

.NET, Node.js, Java, Python, Go, Dart


SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Couchbase, DocumentDB


Docker, Kubernetes, Service Fabric, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions


React.js, Angular, Flutter


Android, iOS, Xamarin, Flutter

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